A truly innovative and versatile

space solution.

Designed to a unique tubular shape

The Tube Room provides maximum volume and limitless flexibility.




"YOUR SPACE to create"

Create an - office, extra accommodation, break room, studio or sleep-out, whatever your need, simply adjust The Tube Room for Your Space


We partner with an exclusive selection of  suppliers and building specialists 

-  who have been providing exceptional services across the country for decades.
Once we've discussed your design and layout needs, we'll arrange for your local specialist building practitioner to visit and discuss the build and installation process.


However if you'd prefer to handle the construction of The Tube Room directly yourself - just let us know!


Q:What are the dimensions?

A: Outside the Tube Room measures 4.1m x 3.5m diameter.

Inside the floor area is 10m2

 - with an incredible 25.5m3 of space to call your own!


Q: Does The Tube Room need building consent?

A: The 10m2 floor area sized building falls within the scope of “Exempt Building Work" (not requiring Consent) however the following web site should always be reviewed and rechecked


Q: Built on Site or Relocated to Site?

A: If built on site, the cost of hiring a suitable Hiab truck and pilot vehicle can be a saving however, the travel costs and expenses like getting power to the site for construction of the Tube Room may be incurred. You can discuss this with your Tube Room Builder.

If built on site, it is worth considering the possibility of eventually re-selling the Tube Room. You may want to give some consideration to truck access to the building to allow removal. (The finished Tube Room weighs approx. 2.5 Tonne (the weight impacts the Hiab reach)


Q: Do you have a Licensed Building Practitioner you would recommend that could build for me?

A: Yes! We are establishing a network of Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) and key suppliers who can build your Tube Room for you. This ensures the high standard of the design and the quality of the materials and the build is maintained.

Q: Can I fit The Tube Room with a bathroom?

A: Absolutely! Just be sure to check with your local council on the required consent when adding permanent features like plumbing. 

Q: If I want it - how will electric, gas and plumbing be installed?

A: Only Licensed Tradespeople will be used by the LBP to install the electrical and plumbing/gas services you want when building your Tube Room. On completion of all work, the appropriate certificates will be issued. You will be responsible for all council consents but the LBP can probably help with this.  


Q: Does The Tube Room come with a guarantee?

A: Yes - The Tube Room comes with a 6 year guarantee (As per the Consumers Guarantee Act). This guarantee is provided based on the understanding that the Tube Room will need to be maintained as per the various building material manufactures maintenance recommendations. Your Builder will be a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) and will hold appropriate insurances. The products used in construction of your Tube Room are all in common use and hold appropriate warranties as would be expected in normal house construction in New Zealand. 


We are expanding to provide

The Tube Room solutions across New Zealand - we are now actively seeking construction and building partners who would be interested in partnering on this exciting program.

Drop us a line to chat more on the opportunity 



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