The Tube Room concept was first developed as most brilliant things are -  after an off the cuff conversation between company directors Mark C and Mark B.
"Why are there so few and such limited options for extra space solutions?" 

The two discussed this lack of not only choice on the market, but also the limits many solutions had both with actual space provided, design aesthetics and compliance headaches. 

As an architectural designer, Mark C now had a project, a goal and a dream - to design a solution that maximised space, was simple to build and importantly was flexible to meet multiple needs. Thus became The Tube Room - a totally unique approach to providing space. 

With a broad experience in business development and key contacts within the construction industries, what had started as an idea over a beer soon evolved into a viable and exciting new business.
Based in the beautiful Far North, the team is focused on supplying and installing The Tube Room across the region and ultimately, nationwide. 




We are expanding to provide The Tube Room solutions across New Zealand - we are actively seeking construction and building partners who would be interested in partnering.

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